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Before, during and after your bikini wax

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Ok, Bikini waxes areaways portrayed as scary, and there are plenty of things about them we’d like to change. The pain factor is the first that comes to mind. But actually, there’s an ongoing debate surrounding whether bikini waxes are truly that painful. Some say the more you get them, the less painful they become, but either way, it’s an uncomfortable experience to sit through. But, you do it anyway because you know what they say: Beauty is pain—and the end results are well worth it.

So once you survive your waxing session like a champ, this question comes to mind: What if we could just make the results last longer? Then, all the rest of our issues would be less problematic.

It is possible to extend the life of your bikini wax and it’s not too difficult. You just have to incorporate a few bikini wax tips into your routine to make it happen. 

Before You Wax 

Preparation is everything. At Bennetts, we have over 15 years bikini waxing experience, and consider bikini waxing our specialty. Finding an expert is very important when it comes to removing hair. (That’s where we come in)

Waxing at home is one option,…. but not the best choice if we’re honest. If you’re after long-lasting results, go pro. We know all there is to know about your skin type, how to apply the wax, and how to remove it to remove the hair effectively, quickly and as painlessly as possible!

Check out our Reviews 

Finding someone by referral is a great way to ensure you’re going to someone who know what they’re doing, so check out our Facebook & Google reviews, we have many, many happy customers!

Check your Calendar 

Your skin is often more sensitive around the time near your period, and waxing can be a little more painful than normal, but should your time of the month surprise you on the day of your appointment, we are still more than happy for you to come in. We do hundreds of waxes a week and it will make no difference to the outcome of your wax.

Prep your Skin 

Exfoliate and lightly moisturise before your appointment to remove dead skin cells and prepare the hairs for waxing. Between appointments, keep up the same regular exfoliation and daily moisturising routine. Great skincare is the best post-treatment—it’s essential for keeping your skin soft in between waxes.

Do not use any lotions or oils around the bikini area prior to getting a wax. Moisturisers can interfere with the wax process by not allowing the wax to adhere well to the hair.

Make Sure You Have Enough Hair 

You need at leat 0.5 cm hair growth, but to be honest, the longer the better. Please don’t be tempted to trim it, if it needs one, we can do it in the salon, but it’s much better to be too long, than too short. This ideal length for hair that’s getting waxed because it allows the wax to get a better hold on the hair and pull it directly from the root, preventing the hair from breaking. Hairs that are too short remain in the skin.

Take a Painkiller 

Take a paracetamol 30-45 minutes before your appointment if you’re worried about discomfort, but to be honest, we’re so efficient, you’ll be in and out of the salon before you have time to worry about it hurting.

During Your Wax Appointment 

Know Exactly What You Want 

This service often removes hair from the behind and between your legs. Sometimes a strip of hair or triangle is left in the front. Don’t be afraid to communicate exactly how much hair you want to keep and be removed with your beauty therapist. Remember, you can always create your own style (we could even name it after you).

Be Prepared 

If you’ve never had this type of service, you may not know that you might be asked to help to hold skin and move around so we can get to every last hair.

After Wax Care 

Once you’re done, you’ll want to engage in some post care activities. Following the next few tips will help move things along nicely:

Keep Hands Away 

It’s important to avoid touching your newly hair-free skin. It might be tempting to feel how smooth the skin is but it can clog pores and also transfer the bacteria that’s on your hands onto your newly waxed skin.

Opt for a Shower 

Avoid bathing for the rest of the day if possible, but if you must wash, do’t use and soap and only have a quick shower with ted water as soaking in water could cause unnecessary irritation or pimples.

Avoid Too Much Heat 

Don’t be around too much heat. Avoid tanning beds, saunas, or steam rooms for the next two days.

Skip Rudies

Sexual activity should be avoided for at least 12-24 hours for your first couple waxes, or if you have very sensitive skin.

Gentle exfoliation (we love exfoliating gloves) is great for treating and preventing pesky ingrowing hairs. Give your skin a few days to recover from the wax, but daily scrubbing and moisturising will help keep the bumps at bay.

Do not wear tight pants or underwear for the first few days after your wax appointment to avoid skin irritation.

Now it’s time to enjoy smooth, stubble free skin, without the need for shaving, Whoop Whoop!

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