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So what is brow lamination I hear you all ask, well…..brow lamination is like a lash lift but for your brows. The treatment originally comes from Russia and it provides a more tidy, groomed, thicker, and uniformed brow whilst also aiding brow symmetry. We can measure the brows to suit your desired shape and style. A tint & wax is also included in this treatment to make it a bespoke treatment to suit your look you are wanting to achieve. It is great for messy brows and gives a fluffy look to the brows whilst also making them look thicker. The idea is to not add in hairs, but brush them all in the same direction and fix them there.

So how does it work….

First off, we chat about the style you want to achieve and brush your brows in to position and check you’re happy with that look. The process starts with brushing the eyebrows and coating them with a treatment to make them softer and more flexible. The brows are then covered in cling film for around 20 minutes while the treatment sets. Once set the residue is wiped off with a cotton pad and the hairs are brushed upwards so they’re all perfectly straight and in one direction.  After that, a tint can be optionally added for the appearance of extra fullness and definition – and finally, some nourishing oil for hydration is swiped on.

Overall the treatment takes between 45 minutes to an hour and the results last up to 6-8 weeks. The process is completely pain free and better yet there is no down time. This big brow look is also completely low maintenance. Which means less time doing your brows in the morning and more time in bed, win win situation. Brow lamination tames your brows but you will still need to brush them in to position in the mornings (or if you’ve just pulled a jumper on over your face. Your brow also need a little TLC and we recommend daily nourishing using castor or coconut oil (just like a conditioner for your brow hairs).

If you have any more questions or would like to pop in for a consultation, then give us a call on 01522 851760

We hope you’re all as excited as we are for us to all have Cara Delevingne brow vibes!