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We’ve all been there: you decided you wanted to chop off your long locks for that stylish short look, but you instantly regretted it. Or maybe one day you decided to cut your own bangs, but you didn’t end up with the brigitte bardot look you were hoping for! Whether it’s a crazy quarantine haircut that you now regret, or you just want to rock long silky hair, these tips will tell you the best way to grow out your hair out healthy, and fast!

Tip #1: vitamins

My first tip to grow your hair out fast is to take vitamins! It’s no secret vitamins are good for your body, so why wouldn’t they be great for your hair? If you live a busy lifestyle and can’t eat an enriched diet loaded with the vitamins you need to grow your hair, opt into some hair vitamins. Choose vitamins and minerals such as biotin, b12, and zinc which are essential for growing those luscious locks quickly. 

Tip #2: getting trims

Our second tip to fast hair growth is getting trims often. While it’s a myth that your hair will grow faster with trims, what can happen is that your hair will grow stronger with each trim. If you avoid cutting your hair your ends will split like tiny branches, making your length at the bottom look almost see-through making your hair have weak ends. If you definitely want long, but also healthy and strong hair, then getting trims often is a must!

Tip #3: hair masques

Our third tip for growing your hair fast is using a hair masque. I’m sure you’ve used a mask for your face, to give your skin that extra pampering. Why not do the same for your hair? Using a masque can moisturize and strengthen your hair, which will help your hair grow quicker and healthier. To achieve your ultimate long hair goals you’ll want to use a hair masque once a week or every 3-4 shampoos. If you notice your hair starting to fall flat after using a masque, don’t fret! Just spread the masques out a bit more. If you’re looking for a natural or more diy style masque, coconut oil will moisturise your hair in no time! 

Tip #4: Healthy diet

Our last tip for growing your hair out fast is eating healthy! Eating a healthy diet is a must for growing long healthy hair. What you put in your body reflects outside your body too, so a nutrient-rich diet will lead to super healthy hair! You’ll want to eat foods with plenty of biotin, protein, and vitamins particularly a, c, and e. Foods that include these aspects have scientifically shown to promote hair growth and strength! Foods like eggs, spinach, fish, and nuts should be your new food staples on your hair growth journey!