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Festival season has landed: you found the perfect hairstyle, and now you’re considering buying hair extensions to bring it to life. But let’s be honest: dancing, sweating, and sleeping in a tent can all be taxing activities on your tresses. Let’s find out together how to make your hair extensions survive a festival weekend!

1. Choose The Right Extensions

First things first, you’ll need to get the perfect type of hair extensions to match your festival needs. This doesn’t only mean looking into the right fit for your hair type and selected look, but also something that is designed to be a long-lasting investment. We use two brands of human hair extension hair that are not only thick from root to tip, but also glossy beyond any imagination.

At Bennetts, we offer a wide range of extension systems, from LA Weave and Nano rings to tape ins (or even a mixture of different systmens) depending on your needs.

We can offer a free no obligation quote depending on thickness and length required. Just call us on 01522 851760 to book your consultation.

2. Prepare Your Extensions Beforehand

Before you head out to your weekend of festival shenanigans, take some time to prepare your hair extensions. The last thing you want is for them to get damaged or tangled during the weekend, so make sure you bag all the necessary hair care tools with you. Ultimately, the two things that will give you a headstart are:

  • Wash and condition your hair extensions. This will make them shine with new life. Also, conditioning your hair extensions helps prevent tangles from forming in the first place.
  • Use a heat protectant spray. Heat protectant is a great canvas for styling, sheltering your tresses from heat damage that can lead to dryness, brittleness and breakage. Therefore, before letting any curling wand or hair straightener come any close to your strands, make sure you’ve used an appropriate dose of heat shield. 

3. Protect Your Extensions During The Festival

Music festivals can get pretty chaotic – and sometimes, climatic conditions don’t help either. Whilst you can’t exactly control the weather or the environment, there are certain things that you can do to protect your tresses whilst having fun.

First things first, heat and humidity can be a real killjoy for your hair – so if you notice things are heating up, try to find shelter in a spot that is shaded by trees or umbrellas. This will also help you avoid a nasty heat stroke (so make sure you drink plenty of water!).

If it’s raining or you’re going to spend lots of time under direct sunlight, protect your hair and scalp with the use of a headscarf, a hat or an umbrella (depending on the weather). If the weather is promising, make sure you also apply a sunscreen product on your hair.

Last but not least, protective hairstyles: tying back long hair in a braided ‘do isn’t just a fashion statement – it also help you prevent tangling, breakage and tugging on whatever jewellery you may be wearing.

4. Choose The Right Hair Accessories

If you’re going to a festival and have hair extensions, it’s important that you choose accessories that won’t damage them. Metal clips and elastics can be damaging to your hair and real hair extensions, so avoid them if possible. Instead, opt for soft fabric headbands, silk scrunchies or bows. Make sure you stay away from rubber elastic bands or those hair ties with a metal attachment.

5. Maintaining Your Styling During A Festival

Aggressive styling isn’t the key to flawless hair – quite the opposite really. But when you’re at a music festival and showering isn’t really an option, there are some ways you can take care of your styling and hair maintenance whilst having fun. Avoid excessive styling. This is a crucial point, as you won’t be able to wash and nourish your tresses after a shampooing session. To help your hair staying hydrated, make sure you apply some Moisture Lock Spray.

  • Use dry shampoo. There are so many different types of dry shampoo, and finding the right one can be a real life saver.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner. To keep your hair from getting too dry and brittle, leave in conditioner after washing your hair on the first day will give you a good start for a festival getaway.

6. Choose The Right Hair Products

Not to restate the basic concepts, but whenever you’re applying any products on your hair extensions, make sure they are suitable for this type of hair. Hair extensions don’t receive any natural moisture from your scalp, therefore focus on nourishing, softening products – and always keep an eye out for sulfates and alcohol-based ingredient lists, as these agents will dry your extensions out.

7. Conclusion:

In conclusion, with some preparation and proper care, your hair extensions can survive a festival weekend just fine! By choosing high-quality extensions, protecting them from the elements, and a good dose of TLC and maintenance, you can ensure that they look their best throughout the festival season. With these tips, you can now enjoy your music weekend with beautiful and healthy hair extensions that will elevate your look and make you feel confident and ready to dance!