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To achieve the best results from your wax, its best to prepare for it. It doesn’t take long and should become part of your regime. Gently exfoliate and moisturise a week or two before your appointment. This helps the hairs break through, and be easier to be pulled out from the root. You don’t need to use anything expensive, just a soft dry body brush, good exfoliating scrub or exfoliating gloves. The key is gentle exfoliation, don’t scrub too hard as this can not only cause discomfort but can create ingrown hairs. 

Remember, shaving is the enemy. I know it is difficult to let your hair grow, especially if you are a daily shaver, but you really do need to let the hair grow for about three – six weeks (depending how quick your hair grows) before getting waxed. That means NO shaving in between – if you don’t let it grow long enough then not only you risk it being a painful when you’re being waxed, you won’t get a smooth finish. We take a pride in our work and want to give you the smoothest finish possible at every appointment.

Don’t try to wax yourself at home. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but it can be really painful, we’re not programmed to inflict pain on ourselves. You may end up in agony, end up with broken hairs plus it makes the most awful mess. Many clients who have trie to DIY always say ‘NEVER again’! By the time you pay out for the home waxing kits (and get wax all over the bedroom), it’s really not worth it.

Not all therapists specialise in intimate waxing, but at Bennetts, we love it!. An intimate wax should be a pleasant experience and not daunting. We are more than happy for your underwear to remain on, we’re very good at working round it – this will help you feel less exposed. Also, a good beautician will always go over the bikini area with the tweezers to make sure there aren’t any stragglers!

We recommend no gym or swim for at least 24 hours…waxers orders. Always ensure that you moisturise, especially if on holiday – chlorine from the pool and seawater can be very drying on the skin. 

Avoid exposing the waxed body parts to the sun until 24-48 hours after your waxing as your skin is at its most sensitive – it can easily burn and you could be left with permanent pigmentation marks. If you start to feel your waxed areas tingle whilst sunbathing, then apply a higher sun factor and again ensure its a good quality lotion or spray. Our skin is our largest organ – love and cherish it.

Red lumps under the skin may indicate ingrown hairs. Some people are prone to them despite how good their aftercare plan is adhered to or it can happen as a result of poor aftercare. So apply gentle exfoliation using a dry brush or exfoliation.

At Bennetts’, we can offer the following bikini wax’s but if you have something a little different in mind, we can do that too!

Everything off, as smooth as the day you were born!

? Playboy
Everything off but just a strip of hair left at the front.

?? Brazilian
A wider strip of hair left at the front and underneath, but tidied up along the leg line.

? Standard
Just a tidy up, enough off to ensure there’s no stragglers showing when your just in your pants.

? Playboy and Hollywood wax’s complimentary free chocolate button wax…. if you catch our drift 

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