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L.A. Weave Hair Extensions

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The L.A. Weave is a style of hair extension that uses micro beads, hair wefts and a thread and needle to apply.

What is L.A. Weave?

The L.A. Weave is a style of hair extension that uses micro beads, hair wefts and a thread and needle to apply.

It is one of the kindest forms of hair extensions available on the market, its is super natural looking and so comfortable to wear.

How long does it take to fit the extensions?

This will depend on the length and thickness of the hair that you choose, but you are looking at being in the salon for around two hours – but you’ll love it – we’ll keep you topped up with tea and coffee and fabulous conversation!

Can I still tie my hair up with extensions in?

Yes it is still possible to tie your hair up with extensions in as they are applied away from the parting and away from your hair line. The LA weave is brilliant if you like to wear your hair up often, as it is only applied in a few rows.

Can I go on holiday with extensions in?

Extensions are great for holidays as you can just wake up with long flowing hair and leave it naturally wavy without having to straighten or blow-dry it. It is recommended that you put your hair into a loose plait and coat it in conditioner whilst sunbathing and swimming. This way the hair will be protected from heat, chlorine and sun damage, and will stay in good condition.

Can I straighten and curl the extensions?

Yes, as the hair is 100% human hair you can curl it, straighten it, and blow-dry it. We definitely recommend using heat protection when you straighten or curl it though to ensure that it stays in good condition.

Can I dye the extensions?

It is not recommended that you colour, dye or use silver shampoo on the extensions as they have already been through a process to ensure they match your own hair colour. We offer a vast variety of extension colours to match almost all hair colours.

My hair is naturally wavy, can I still have extensions?

Hair extensions are suitable for people with straight or wavy hair. We have over 26 colours, lengths and styles available including Ombre!

What products do I need to use on extensions?

We recommend that you use products which are specifically designed for hair extension such as a sulphate-free shampoo. This helps to keep the already treated extension hair in tip top condition.

It is important to keep extensions well conditioned and a hair extension brush such as a Tangle Teezer is a great investment.

How do I wash the extensions?

We recommend washing your hair a maximum of 2-3 times a week and using dry shampoo in between washes if required.

Washing your hair in a shower is best with your head upright, and massage your scalp gently whilst shampooing. Always pat hair gently with a towel after washing and use a leave in conditioner after the hair has been towel dried.

How do I prepare my hair for getting hair extensions fitted?

On the day of the fitting please make sure your hair is washed, a clarifying shampoo is best, but if you don’t have one, normal shampoo is fine, but please don’t use any hair products or conditioner too close to the roots.

How do I look after hair extensions?

Hair extensions are easy to look after but do require a little more time than your own hair. They need maintaining, conditioning and gentle brushing. You do have to be willing to spend more time on them but it will be soooo worth it!

During the time your extensions are in you may sometimes notice strands of your own hair coming out with the root attached. This is only hair which has not been able to escape the extension which you would have normally shed naturally. On average we naturally lose around 100 of our own strands of hair per day and these are the strands which would’ve usually fallen out but can’t come out completely because of the extensions, so do not worry it is not the extensions pulling your hair out.

We will go through all of the hair extension aftercare with you thoroughly on the day of the fitting.

How long does my hair need to be to have hair extensions?

Ideally your hair needs to be able to fit into a ponytail, even if it’s just a short stubby one. This ensures that your hair will blend well with the extensions to give a natural look.

Extensions can be fitted to shorter hair but it will depend on the style. So, pop in for a free consultation and we can advise you on the best course of action.

Do I have to come for a consultation first?

Yes please! We need you to come in for a free consultation and colour match before deciding whether to go ahead with having extensions fitted. We want to ensure a seamless match (so no-one knows your secret) so we need to check we have the correct colour and length to suit you. A consultation generally takes 15-20 minutes.

Will the extensions damage my hair?

As long as extensions are properly maintained, and removed by a professional, they will cause little or no damage to your own hair (depending on the quality of your hair to begin with). If you wash, brush and treat them as advised then you will have no problems, infact, most people find that the extensions help their own hair grow over time.

Can I remove the extensions myself?

It is not recommended that you remove the extensions yourself in case you damage your hair. Always come back to us or have them removed by a professional hair extension technician.

Do I need to give my hair a break in between extension sets?

Not necessarily. As long as you have followed the aftercare, used the recommended products, and had your extensions removed professionally, then your hair will be in good condition and you can have another set put straight back in if you so desire.