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Specialised Waxing

Bikini line waxing has evolved over the years and is no longer just a tidy up of stray hairs on the outside of the swimwear. Our waxing expert at Bennett’s Hair, Tanning & Beauty offer four different types of waxes.

Read on for a simple explanation on each one:

  • Regular Bikini Wax – This wax just removes the hair outside the underwear and along the inner thigh
  • Brazilian – this wax will leave you with approx 2-3 fingers width of hair on bikini top and a narrow strip on sides. Hair free on the inner thigh.
  • Playboy – This wax will leave you with approx 1 finger width of hair on top and no hair on sides or underneath. All hair is removed from inner thigh and your “chocolate button”.
  • Hollywood – A full wax, hair free.

Our bikini waxing specialist doesn’t believe in “fannying around”, you will be in and out of the salon before you have time to say “ouch” or “that wasn’t so bad”.