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Viral Skincare Trends: Do They Really Work?

Social media platforms are riddled with video clips, photographs, and blog posts that claim to provide life-changing hacks. While some of these have proved useful (I’m looking at you, wine ice cubes), others get mixed results. TikTok in particular is filled with beauty and skincare influencers who have fueled viral skincare trends. From dunking your face in ice water to applying the inside of a banana peel to your under eyes, explore these popular trends and learn if they may be effective for your skin care needs or if you’re better off leaving your skincare to the pros at Bennetts hair & beauty!

1. Icing Your Skin

Icing Your Skin

The icing your skin trend took the beauty world by storm and had everyone from elite celebrities to stay-at-home moms and college students giving it a whirl. There are a number of ways to ice the skin, including dunking your face in a bowl full of icy water or simply rubbing an ice cube across your face. The theory behind this is that the ice will reduce puffiness and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and pores.

Those who have tried it report significant results within a few short days, but is this all in their heads? It turns out that this trend actually does provide these benefits. As explained by a dermatologist, the coldness of the ice helps to drain excessive fluids within the lymphatic system. This provides a temporary tightness and can act as a quick way to refresh the skin

Unfortunately, this isn’t a permanent solution to your skincare woes as the results only last for a short amount of time. If you are looking for a longer-lasting solution to wrinkles and pores, consider getting a facial at Bennetts (we have a great range to choose from!).

2. Gua Sha Face Tool/Facial Rollers

Gua Sha Face ToolFacial Rollers

Gua Sha refers to a tool that is used in Chinese medicine to stimulate the surface of the skin. Social media influencers who got their hands on the tool boasted that the gua sha was the solution to dull skin and double chins. Along with these claims, others say that implementing the gua sha into their beauty regime helped to reduce acne and puffiness. The same claims were made about similar tools, known as facial rollers which often contain jade or rose quartz stones.

Much like applying ice to the face, dermatologists say that the motions involved can aid in draining excessive fluid buildup that leads to puffiness and can increase blood flow after stimulating the skin. Despite this, using these tools alone will not lead to life-changing, lasting results. Instead, it is essential to practice good skincare practices on a daily basis.

3. Peel-Off Face Masks

Peel-Off Face Masks

Over the years, several face masks have become touted as the next miracle beauty product by influencers. One of these masks in particular has been referred to as a “suction” mask. The mask reportedly removes large amounts of blackheads and whiteheads in a matter of minutes to reveal flawless, smooth skin. The black suction masks largely became popular because of the number of videos showcasing the painful removal process and the end results.

While this mask might make for fantastic social media content, dermatologists recommend skipping any product that causes pain. In most cases, if the product hurts to apply or remove, it isn’t ideal for facial skin. Choose a gentler treatment to eliminate blackheads and whiteheads instead.

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