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why not leave us a review!

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Please can we ask you a little favour…(and we’ll pay you later)

We know yo’re busy… but would you mind supporting Bennetts and giving us a little boost?

If you have enjoyed your visit to Bennetts, please could you leave us a Google review.

Google is the main place people go to search for hair & beauty salons and most definitely take notice of the reviews people leave, sooooo, would you mind sparing us 5 minutes to leave us one for Bennetts?

Here’s how to in a few easy steps…
1) Search for Bennetts in your google search bar
2) Click on the ‘Reviews’ – (this might look a little different if you’re doing it on your phone)
3) Click ‘Write a review’ and you will be prompted to sign in.  If you have a Google or Gmail account, use that log in, but if you don’t, you will need to create one (but this takes seconds).

4)Then please give us as many stars as you think we deserve (hopefully you’ll choose 5!) and tell then why you like visiting us.

If you have any photos of your hair or nails or any other treatment you’ve had and would like to upload them then that would be fabulous!

Thank you in advance – you taking the time to do this makes a massive difference to a small business like ours!

Lots of love, Team Bennetts xxx